Saturday, March 12, 2011

Kalamunda farmers' market

For the past couple of Sunday mornings we have been to the Kalamunda farmers' market. There are lots of fruit and vegetable stalls, potted plants, homemade cakes and other treats, seafood, meat, eggs and some takeaway food stalls. Last Sunday I bought the most deliciously ripe figs which I stuffed with goats cheese and grilled as part of a special birthday lunch for my dad (sorry, no photo!). Today the fig man was sadly absent but we did manage to score some plants such as: passionfruit, chilli, eggplant (including a tomato lookalike heirloom variety and a Lebanese style purple one), and a couple more herbs. We also got some fruit and veggies to hopefully turn into something delicious next week.

These peaches are from the markets a few weeks back. Thanks for taking this great photo for me mum! Unfortunately my camera battery has died, so there are no new ones from today's trip. We are working hard in the sunshine setting up some new garden beds this afternoon. No need to hit the gym tonight!


  1. You`ve got a good eye for photography Kath, the photo is amazing! Did they taste as good as they look?

  2. Thanks Renee! Will have to pass that compliment on to mum as she was the photographer of the peaches. The shot was totally my idea though ;) haha! Some of them were as delicious as they looked and some were a bit floury but fruit is a gamble that way :)