Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Heavenly Plate

Tonight the bf and I dined at a gorgeous little vegetarian cafe in Applecross called Heavenly Plate. The cafe and adjoining gift shop are just so pretty and cute! 

We ordered the mini martabaks and a red sea soup for our entrees. The martabaks were beautifully presented little spring roll parcels with a tasty tofu filling. The soup had authentic Thai flavours and was served piping hot with slivers of toast. For the main course, we chose the Japanese teriyaki burger and the green curry spaghetti. The burger had Japanese rice patties instead of bread and a tasty mock meat pattie with salad. It was a little on the small side for a main course but was accompanied by some of the best wedges we have ever eaten! So crispy mmm. The spaghetti was delicious and filling with lots of yummy vegetables throughout. For dessert I couldn't go past the chocolate brownie, it was truly divine.
I was very satisfied after this meal and would definitely eat here again. I recommend Heavenly Plate as a great place to catch up with the girls for a meal or coffee and cake. The shabby chic decor and dainty portions may be a bit off-putting to some men, but the food is tasty and quite different than the standard cafe fare. Prices are reasonable, it cost just over fifty dollars for this meal plus a coffee. Heavenly Plate is open every day for breakfast, lunch and dinner at 2/899 Canning Hwy, Applecross. 

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