Monday, April 25, 2011

Thai cooking class

One of our favourite restaurants in Patong was Kantok, an exotically decorated oasis serving delicious Thai meals. We enjoyed dining there so much that we decided to return on the last day of our trip for a cooking lesson!

While the other chefs looked after the restaurant patrons, our chef Yuth taught us how to create some delicious Thai food.

He had all the ingredients ready to go for us!

We started off by making a spicy green papaya salad and a deep-fried tuna salad. Both were simple to prepare and tasted fresh and delicious! 

The next course was tom yam gai soup and pad thai. 


Then it was time for the curries. We made a red, a green and a pa-nang curry. Did I mention that we were also eating all of this food! 

It's a good thing dessert goes into a separate stomach! We had bananas cooked in coconut milk and fried bananas, both of which were really good :)

After polishing dessert off, we rolled ourselves back to the hotel for a siesta. This was probably my favourite day of the trip. I think I was really starting to miss cooking!

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