Monday, April 25, 2011

Thailand holiday

I was lucky enough to have a 10 day holiday in Thailand this month! We stayed in Patong which is a tourist mecca. There were lots of shopping bargains and sunny beaches to enjoy but of course I was far more interested in the restaurants and scrumptious Thai cuisine :)

The festival of Songkram fell during our visit. We were wondering why everyone kept trying to sell us super-soakers!

The water is cleansing everything for a fresh start in the Buddhist New Year. Luckily April is Thailand's hottest month so it was quite refreshing, especially the iced water people were throwing from cars! I'm glad I wasn't riding a motorbike though, they were getting a bit wobbly at times with entire buckets being thrown at them! We ventured out onto the streets defenceless and got totally drenched :)

There were lots of food stalls set up along the beach for the day. Most of it looked delicious, these crispy fried insects... not so much.

The hotel threw a big party around the pool with a buffet dinner which we attended. We were entertained by the house band featuring some hilarious translations of western songs as well as some traditional Thai dancing. It was a good night and they decorated the pool area so beautifully!

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  1. Lovely blog posts about Thailand! Good to see you got all the photos up successfully.